The Unpredictability of Life Is What Makes It So Interesting

Unpredictability of Life is because we do not know what will happen to us or our loved ones in the next minute. We don’t think about what happens to us on a given day, for better or for worse. We want to plan and have a sense of control over our lives, but then we are hit by a sudden curveball that turns our lives upside down and stretches our carefully thought-out plans apart.

The world is unpredictable

When we are growing up, the world is full of surprises. As we pass through our life, the possibility of something unexpected happening comes more frequently. Sometimes we cannot believe what happens in the smallest details. But these small happenings and the lack of control over them are what make our life interesting.

For example, many people would have thought that Gwenyth’s falling face was a grotesque accident. They would have never thought that it was her “dark power” causing the scary movie scene. However, our interpretation of what happens in our lives in no way shapes how we react to it. Some people, however, assume it is their right to lose control, especially when dealing with a paranormal phenomenon.

Unpredictability of Life

Then we have no choice but to adapt, adapt quickly to the situation, and accept it as it is and move on.
What if we could have a preview of what will come in the next minute? What if we knew for sure what we would do, where we would go, and who we would meet today? And what if we could plan for the future as if we were able to prepare a pantry of amazing experiences to happen in the future? What if we could prepare to spend some time in beautiful places, drink delicious drinks, visit magnificent people and have amazing experiences?
Would it change the way we live, live differently and live happily with what we know?
Yes it would.

Do Not Fear the Unknown

Fear, uncertainty and doubt create their power because we keep it in our minds and don’t talk about it.
You can’t plan everything.
Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual that includes every possible scenario, and the plan we make for ourselves is therefore full of risks. What if I become unemployed tomorrow? What if I fail in my business? What if the car in front of me gets a flat tire and I have to jump a traffic signal? In other words, every possible scenario exists and we cannot make sure that it will happen to us. So we focus on the ones that seem more probable.

Even for the most logical-minded people, even the most serious planners, one could almost never make a really perfect plan, not even in the most unlikely of scenarios. After all, we live in a complex world, in which everything can go wrong and every curveball from fate has to be taken into account.

What does it mean to be prepared?

I don’t think there is such a thing as being prepared for every situation. Everyone’s situation is unique, depending on their age, ability, relationships, career, financial situation and countless other factors. Knowing what to prepare for is more than an intellectual exercise – it’s preparing yourself to handle that specific situation.

The lack of preparation leads to thinking that the situation is easier than it actually is. People prepare for the worst, that is always a first step toward being able to deal with it.

Preparing yourself for the worst is not preparing for a time when things go smoothly. Preparing yourself for the worst gives you the tools and skills you need to deal with the unexpected.

The main point is to show that life is unpredictable, unpredictable events occur, and the “reality” of our lives can be very different from how we think it should be. Even in our own minds, we make sense of life in a certain way and make assumptions and predict what will happen in our lives. Then we are hit with some event that changes everything. The difference between the reality and the projections of our mind is very significant, and we should understand and accept this.

The moment we begin to accept the unpredictability of our lives, then we can appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of it. It is the truth, and it is a real value and virtue to be aware of this fact.