7 Celebrities Who Have Covered up Their Ex’s Name Tattoos

Last year, New York magazine cut an interview with celebrities in which they asked artist and star Scott Campbell in which he was asked if he ever had tattoos of old lovers removed. Campbell admitted to covering up or removing tattoos of his old lovers, but not before he had campaigned for them.

Many people make the mistake of having an ex’s name inked on their body in a prominent place. Some people think it’s a good idea to have their significant others name inked to document their love for them.

If you want to get a massive tattoo engraved, it is not a good idea to get it engraved on behalf of your partner, just in case it goes south and you make a huge, expensive mistake. One of the cardinal rules of getting inked is not to get his so-called name inked.

Many artists are great at coming up with good covers for names that hide their old inks by using their lines for new designs.
If you have to cover up a name that extends across your back, the removal can cost more than a small ink on the neck. For those who want a cover-up, be open to modifications that allow hiding the old body art.

Either way, this is the solution you are looking for if you hope to hide your old lovers name. Whether it’s an ink as simple as plaster or as painful as a laser, there are ways for stars to remove and cover up their inks.

Here is a list of some celebrities who had their Ex’s name tattooed :

Amy Jackson
Just as blue-eyed beauty Amy Jackson, who discovered love with her co-star Prateik Babbar, had feelings for him, a huge tattoo was painted with Mera pyaar mera prateik on her forearm.

Shanna Moakler
Shanna Moakler said she was close to caring for him again, but the remains were removed from her wrist after the separation in October 2008. The couple were married for four years before calling it quits. The “Thank U Next” singer had a tattoo of Pete Davidson engraved with ink and a simple bandage in June.

Zylka had inked the words ‘Paris’ on her arm in classic Disney font as a sign of love.

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan
Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan were a smitten couple and got matching tattoos, with the actor having Sussanne’s name inked on his wrist. But after the separation, we saw he was modifying it. He got the ink on his right wrist and changed it to “Your Sunshine.”.

Angelina Jolie
After the rebellious duo gave up, Angelina decided to clean up after herself by having Billy’s name removed and replaced with the coordinates of her birthplace.

Adrienne Bailon
Bailon’s relationship with Rob Kardashian was imprinted on her bum when she got inked in the 1900s of his name (Robert A. Kardashian). Adrienne needed three attempts to have Rob’s name removed from her ass.

Kat Von D
Famous artist Kat Von D covered it up, Business Insider reported. The songstress decided to have her husband Charlie Sheen’s name inked on her ankle.

If we have learned anything from Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s break-up, it is that when you hear about it, you have to think long and hard about how to honor your significant other, no matter how much you feel in love.
If you ask them to cover it up, you do it in the hope that they will add you to the list but if you get it – even if you haven’t dated the person – many people think that getting inked for a lover in the first place is bad news. When you part ways, get a huge, permanent ink of your ex’s face and name inked all over your body.